JOHNNY THUNDERS – 1960 Gibson Les Paul TV Model

Posted: December 7, 2020 in MUSIC

Announcing the Official 30th Anniversary Johnny Thunders Tribute Guitar, a Licensed Limited Edition exact reproduction of the iconic 1960 Gibson Les Paul TV Model owned and used by the late great Johnny Thunders.

Using only genuine USA made Gibson Reissue guitars for the basic template, the parts and finish are stripped, then the husk is re-shaped and fashioned to match the body contours and neck profile of the original, then re-painted and meticulously aged with no attention to detail spared.

Each instrument is individually artisan finished in nitrocellulose & then painstakingly distressed to replicate the original guitar in every detail. The finishing and aging process is a time consuming process done by hand in the workshop of guitar artistry duo Brian & Michael Eastwood. Vintage accurate parts are sourced and fitted where possible. The original factory applied Gibson serial number is retained for identification purposes.

An Official Limited Edition Certificate Of Authenticity is included and hand signed by Danny Bracken along with a special full colour collectors edition book containing detailed photographs of the original Thunders guitar.

The 30th Anniversary Johnny Thunders Tribute Guitar is being produced in direct partnership & with the exclusive permission of Danny Bracken who is nephew to Johnny Thunders, the son of Mariann Bracken, Johnny’s sister & the current owner & legal custodian of Johnny’s guitar that has become an unmistakeable & recognisable rock’n’ roll icon in it’s own right.

Orders are now being taken for delivery in early 2021 commemorating the 30th anniversary of Johnny Thunders passing in New Orleans in April 1991.

For more information and to place an order, please email

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