LOW CUT CONNIE – ” Wild Ride “

Posted: December 5, 2020 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Low Cut Connie have released a new video for “Wild Ride,” a track off their latest album, Private Lives. The clip was directed by Sara Fox and pairs the slow-burning song with a sequence of equally smouldering and mysterious visuals. Throughout the clip, Low Cut Connie frontman Adam Weiner roams the streets of New York City while an unnamed woman waits at an empty bar, stares through stained glass at a subway stop, and then, at the end of the clip, lets out an anguished scream in the middle of a street. These sequences are interspersed with shots of grandiose platters of food and items (like telephones and sports trophies) lit on fire.

Adam Weiner, Philly’s patron saint of ass-shakers, let his ambitions run wild on his band’s Private Lives, a 17-song double album that somehow doesn’t drag. Like Low Cut Connie‘s live shows, it’s a sweaty — Weiner would say “schvitzin’” — listen, full of cathartic anthems (“Help Me”), gritty character studies (“Charyse”), and red-faced songs about fucking (“The Fuckin You Get for the Fuckin You Got”). The title track, a raucous collection of dirty secrets, and the piano ballad “Look What They Did” stand as the record’s yin and yang, with Weiner celebrating lovable freaks in the former and lamenting the abandonment of kids in the latter

“We shot this in Brooklyn. It was in the weeks just before quarantine began,” Weiner said in a statement. “There was a dark energy all around us. Sara Fox, the director, put together some fabulous imagery here.”

Low Cut Connie released Private Lives in October, marking the group’s sixth album and first double LP. “I’m obsessed with understanding people’s interior lives,” Weiner said of the record in a statement. “In order to explore that idea, I had to create a flow that went in and out of these characters’ private spheres. There had to be a push and pull between their external and internal worlds. I knew if I was going to pull that off, I was going to have to make a big album.”

“Wild Ride” by Low Cut Connie Music and lyrics by Adam Weiner From the double LP ‘Private Lives’

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