BUCK MEEK – ” Pareidolia “

Posted: November 19, 2020 in MUSIC
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“Pareidolia,” the second single from Buck Meek‘s new album was just released. “Pareidolia” is the first word that appears on Two SaviorsIt’s a word about recognizing shapes where none were intended to exist – like searching for images in the clouds. It serves as an apt guide through these new songs of Buck’s, which are themselves uncommon and beautiful, and which invite a deep, cloud-gaze state of attention.

“We have all painted forms onto the clouds; a phoenix, a fire truck, snakes, Elvis, and so on,” says Buck. “We saw these visions as children, we encourage children to search for them, and we can’t help but continue to project meaning and symbolism onto the sky, to see mountains in moving water, faces in knots in wood, hidden messages in music, and god in toast. Pareidolia is a phenomenon which threads mundane experiences such as staring at the ceiling in the morning with the seeds of mythology and spirituality.”

Discussing the inspiration behind the track, Buck has been quick to talk up the joys of pareidolia, of how we shape clouds into pictures, form the shapes of nature into recognisable human form, and how we should embrace that, as Buck puts it, “the physical world is inherently limited, but our minds take every possible opportunity to transcend”. Although a solo album of sorts, Two Saviors was recorded with a small band of musicians in New Orleans, near the banks of the Mississippi River, with everything recorded live, attempting to capture the, “human energy of a first take”. On Pareidolia, this manifests as a slice of front-porch Americana, Buck’s distinctive vocal twang accompanied by meandering Rhodes-like keyboards, steady brushed drums and lithe strums of acoustic guitar, as he sings of visions in the sky and past events that flicker in his memories. Whether solo or as part of Big Thief, any record Buck Meek touches seems to sparkle with the presence of life being led, a chronicler of the world around him, he exists in the great tradition of folk-music and on the evidence so far, Two Saviors is shaping up as the latest brilliant chapter in his increasingly stunning encyclopaedia.

Buck Meek’s new album Two Saviors will be out January 15th, 2021. This clear blue vinyl variant is limited to 300 copies and only available here. We’re down to less than 75 copies, so snag yours now if you want one.

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