BIG RED MACHINE – ” Wise Up ” Aimee Mann Cover

Posted: November 14, 2020 in MUSIC

It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that there was an election in the USA. Justin Vernon’s home state of Wisconsin is one of those crucial swing states, and he’s heavily involved in an initiative called ‘For Wisconsin’ that’s been persuading people to get out and vote.

For today’s final push, Vernon’s  alt project Big Red Machine have released a cover of Aimee Mann’s highly apposite “Wise Up”, fronted by Aaron Dessner and featuring most of the rest of The National, as well as Mina Tindle.

“We recorded this cover of Wise Up,  one of my very favourite Aimee Mann songs, for beautiful Wisconsin. Her lyrics keep coming into my brain these days. The stakes couldn’t be any higher in this election and it may come down to a handful of votes. Text 56005 to VOTE. Thanks so much to Ben, Bryan, Bryce, Mina, Jon, Scott and Justin for joining me.” Aaron Dessner

  1. Godspeed Big Red Machine.

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