AC/DC – ” Realize “

Posted: November 11, 2020 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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After four years out of the spotlight, AC/DC returned to headlines within the rock community last month with confirmation of a reunion album with their Back In Back era lineup of Brian Johnson, Angus Young, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams, along with Stevie Young replacing the late Malcolm Young on rhythm guitar. AC/DC singer Brian Johnson hailed Stevie Young for carrying on the rhythm guitar tradition set by his uncle Malcolm Young on the band’s new album, Power Up.

“You don’t want to step backwards, and I think Stevie’s contribution is the fact that he’s kept up that level,” Johnson tells us. “And Stevie, his part in it is to keep that level exactly where Angus [Young] and Malcolm always wanted it – you know, the best it could be. I think that’s it, really.”

Stevie previously filled in for Malcolm, who died in 2017, on 1988’s Blow Up Your Video tour and joined the group for 2014’s Rock or Bust album and tour when his uncle retired. On Power Up, which comes out Friday, Stevie can be heard playing guitar parts written by Malcolm as he and Angus began crafting the material that became 2008’s Black Ice.

“We had a massive pile of stuff that the two of us had worked on,” Angus says. “Before we had done that album, we had quite a while together writing a lot of stuff together. … At the time, you can only present so much. So, that’s Malcolm’s big contribution. He’s part of all of the songwriting on the album. … I still go away humming a lot of ideas that the two of us worked on through the years.”

Read More: AC/DC Praise Stevie Young for Maintaining Malcolm’s High Standard |

Read More: AC/DC Praise Stevie Young for Maintaining Malcolm’s High Standard |

On Wednesday, the band debuted “Realize” as the second single to appear on their forthcoming Power Up studio album. The album’s lead single, “Shot In The Dark”, was shared with the album’s overall announcement in early October.

“Realize” hears the hard rock veterans deliver a gut-punch of rock and roll adrenaline, opening with the big sounds of rung-out power chords from Angus and Stevie before Phil Rudd’s trademark 4/4 power rhythm pattern comes in to take the reins. 

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