SKINSHAPE – ” Arrogance Is The Death Of Men “

Posted: November 10, 2020 in MUSIC
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Over the weekend, fans of Skinshape received a pleasant surprise when his forthcoming album, “Arrogance is the Death of Men”appeared on streaming platforms nearly a month ahead of its scheduled release. The sixth studio album from the U.K.-based looper (real name, Will Dorey) was originally scheduled to arrive on December 4th.

The track was first posted on the r/indieheads subreddit on Friday, and the album has yet to be taken down from Spotify or Apple Music. While it may be possible that Dorey just decided to put the record out early.

At any rate, this latest outing from Skinshape delivers more of the same chillwave beats that have made him an underground artist of note. In the three days since Arrogance is the Death of Men‘s arrival Spotify, the individual tracks are already starting to gain popularity per the service’s metric in the sidebar.

Given the premature release several days ago and the immediate internet response of “listen to it while you can,” it’s also possible that this was Dorey’s plan all along. Now, with his ever-growing fanbase under the impression that the album is only around for a limited time, people are much more inclined to listen to it immediately and even more than once—thus resulting in a large bump in streams.

Written, produced by W. Dorey Drums by Ivan Kormanak Lewis Recordings 2020.

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