MEADOW MEADOW – ” Meadow Meadow ” EP

Posted: November 10, 2020 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Meadow Meadow: Meadow Meadow: Signed Exclusive Translucent Green Vinyl EP in PVC Sleeve

Meadow Meadow is the debut collaboration from former Spring King members, James Green and Peter Darlington. After the breakdown of their previous band, their writing together became a meditative, healing process. Sharing demos between Manchester and London, the pair developed a distinct musical palette, using creativity as a “constant source of peace and catharsis”. Themes of childhood nostalgia and the natural world are juxtaposed with a sense of loss and dystopian malaise. “Memory is strange, it connects seemingly disparate experiences together to form a storyline that you then carry with you”.

Gently swaying, meditative pastoral indie from two former members of Spring King, their new name taken from a line in a Silver Jews song.

Tracklisting: Bonzo, Fireworks, TwoTwo, Neberdine, Sca


Written, Performed and Produced by Meadow Meadow. From ‘Meadow Meadow’ EP – out 19/8/20 on Practise Music Limited run of 50 cassettes

2 Fireworks  
3 TwoTwo  
4 Neberdine  
5 Sca

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