SOFT KILL – ” Pretty Face “

Posted: November 6, 2020 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Post-punk five piece, Portland’s Soft Kill share their second single “Pretty Face” from their forthcoming November 2020 release “Dead Kids, R.I.P. City”, their long awaited follow up to 2018’s ‘Savior’. Says the band’s Tobias Grave, “‘Pretty Face’ was written immediately after finding out about the loss of our friend Zachary Delong. It recounts some time we spent together on the edge of oblivion, late 2011 into the first weeks of 2012. Survivors guilt pouring out into song form” – ‘Relax your pretty face boy, the pain has left you.’

“We shot this to be a lyric video but we worked in some scenes, starting in Washington and traveling into the far north section of Portland, stopping by the abandoned dog track at Portland Meadows and ending at the motel made famous by Drugstore Cowboy. The imagery will resonate with some, I’m sure. The song is one we’ve played live for two years and it’s got a big cult following without ever having a studio version circulating.”

“Pretty Face” encapsulates listeners with it’s steady pulse of bass and cinematic-like guitar melodies, taking a slightly left field approach to post-punk with its triumphant and upbeat energy while still channelling the doom/gloom sound Portland’s Soft Kill has built their identity around. The song reflects the darker side of what the band has experienced the past few years. The single follows Soft Kill’s return last month when they dropped the lead doom pop single “Roses All Around.” It’s dark yet luminous in every sense, from its driving percussive beats, harmonic grooves and melodies, while also creating an opportunity to openly discuss its sociopolitical message that is especially prominent now as Portland has become the epicenter of unrest these past few months.

With this meme making the rounds recently, I wanna take this opportunity to come out and say I prefer whatever wave of new wave we’re on in 2020 to either The Cure or The Smiths—or New Order, for that matter. In a post-genre world, it’s bands like Soft Kill (who I first caught wind of when they toured with a black metal band) who I turn to when I want to listen to some weighted-blanket rock, and the morbid, post-punky first single from their new record, which conflates death and ecstasy in its final thirty seconds, has me posing as the seasons change while delegates for Robert Smith and Morrissey duke it out in the replies.

“Dead Kids, R.I.P. City” is out November 20th, 2020 

Released by Cercle Social Records.

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