MARTHA FFION – ” Nights To Forget “

Posted: November 6, 2020 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Our love of Martha Ffion is no secret, we’re even quoted on her press release declaring her, “one of our favourite artists in recent years”, yet we’ll risk hammering home that point once more, because her new single is fantastic. The title track of upcoming album, “Nights To Forget” is the latest offering from the follow-up to Martha’s Scottish Album of the Year Award nominated debut, Sunday Best, which is set for release next week via Lost Map Records.

Discussing the track, Martha has suggested Night To Forget is her, “reflection on my own negative experience of objectification as a woman“. It finds Martha reflecting on the optimism of youth, and how it tends to fade from women as reality bites, before towards the end of the track seeming to reclaim her rights to be whoever she wants with the repeated refrain, “won’t owe you anything”. Perhaps counterintuitively to the track’s themes, it was the jumping off point for Martha exploring a more distinct pop direction, the start of a mission to, “make a record that she wanted to hear, rather than a record that felt like an obvious follow-on from its predecessor”. Here that pop-vision manifests via a slinky lead-guitar line, Tropicalia-laced percussion and warms beds of smooth synth perfection. If this is Martha Ffion’s idea of a modern-pop record, then it’s one that gives you hope for pop music’s future; creative, intriguing and quickly becoming one of 2020’s most exciting albums.


Martha Ffion is the musical project of Claire Martha Ffion McKay. From Warrenpoint & based in Glasgow. Her debut album, ‘Sunday Best’, released in March 2018, was long-listed for the Scottish Album of the Year prize, alongside the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai and Young Fathers. 

Released August 2020

Nights To Forget is out August 14th via Lost Map Records.

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