MOURN – ” Self Worth “

Posted: November 5, 2020 in MUSIC

Barcelona trio Mourn released their latest album Self Worth via Captured Tracks. It’s their fourth album, and it follows 2018’s Sopresa Familia, which was characterized by the seething anger they felt after being manipulated by their previous record label. Self Worth is imbued with a similarly intoxicating vigour and celebration of each other, but it also has a cool confidence, and both melodic ease and intrigue. With an approach to rock and post-punk that’s both straightforward and unusual, Mourn remain one of the most underrated bands going.

Self Worth” is out now, It’s been a long journey but it’s finally here! Hope you guys enjoy it and please share your favourite tracks with us!!
We want to thank Captured Tracks, SUBTERFUGE RECORDS and Ultramarinos Costa Brava for making it possible, last but not least we want to thank All of you for supporting us even during these weird times, we love making music, we love seeing you enjoy it so this record goes to y’all!!!.

“This Feeling Is Disgusting”, from Mourn’s new album Self Worth.

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