The SLINGERS – ” The Cruellest Cut “

Posted: October 30, 2020 in MUSIC
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The Slingers - The Cruellest Cut / Kind Hearts 7"

Off the back of two stellar self released EPs, ‘The Cruellest Cut’ marks The Slingers first release through Flightless Records.
The double A-side 7″ consists of ‘Kind Hearts’, a lonesome cowboy ballad featuring Spike Fuck, and the title track, ‘The Cruellest Cut’.

Bound with charm filled sincerity, ‘The Cruellest Cut’ is a compelling punch of motel-pop. Unmistakable in their love of twang tinged melody, they take this penchant and swing it their own way – as each glistening synth line and reverberant tom hit pulls on our new wave heart strings. Though booming and plush in its production, there’s no taking away from the bones of this 5 and ½ minute crooner. It’s effortlessly tender and timelessly poignant, with the kind of magnetic resonance that lives within the heart beat of country.

The flip side features ‘Kind Hearts’, a lonesome cowboy ballad duet with the inimitable Spike Fuck

New single “The Cruellest Cut” Off the double A-side 7″ – The Cruellest Cut / Kind Hearts with Spike Fuck Available via now

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