G.G ALLIN and the CRIMINAL QUARTET – ” Carnival Of Excess “

Posted: October 26, 2020 in MUSIC

Many of you have probably heard of or seen the GG Allin documentary, “Hated”. It contains some candid footage of the band’s infamous stage shows and contains interviews with GG, Merle Allin, and Dino, as well as some of his former bandmates and fans. What you might not know is that a few other home video-style DVDs are circulating out there – Merle Allin still sells them. And yes, The Murder Junkies are still a band and still tour. I have interviewed Merle on a few occasions and he is still one of the few carrying the torch for true punk music. “Carnival of Excess” is probably the best of the lot. There are a few that are just compilations of live shows, which are entraining but don’t exactly count as “documentaries”. One of the videos is just GG Allin getting urinated on by an anonymous lady. Parts of the footage is used in “Hated”. If you’re a fan of GG Allin or are just intrigued by the sheer brazenly punk behavior exhibited by GG and his band, you should absolutely check out “Carnival of Excess”

Tracks: Son of Evil” “Guns Bitches Brawls and Bottles” “Carmelita” (Warren Zevon) “Outskirts of Life” “Fuck Authority” “Watch Me Kill” “A Snake (cold and hard)” “GG + Tiny Tim on COE” “No Rights” (GG Allin) “Borrowed Time” (GG Allin) “Pick Me Up (on your way down)”

The Criminal Quartet GG Allin – vocal, backing vocals Bob Widenhofer – guitar Andy Irvine – bass Paul Reller – bass, piano, acorddion Shireen Kadaver – backing vocals “Carmelita”, “A Snake” “Pick Me Up”.

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