IAN McNABB – ” Harry Dean Stanton ” demo

Posted: October 25, 2020 in MUSIC

I can’t stress how fortunate I’ve been to have this behemoth of an album to work on through 2020. It’s taken longer than anything I’ve ever done – not because it’s hard to do but due to the amount of songs (twenty) and the difficulties working through the Pandemic. Originally I was offered gratis time at Paul Weller’s studio by the superb Charles Rees but lockdown occurred and we had to put that idea to bed. Then I decided to put a basic recording set up in my cellar so I could record at home – that took a fair bit of time. Then we decided to get Steve ‘Smiley’ Barnard to play the drums from his home studio. Then I decided I wanted Nick Kilroe (Icicle Works’ live drummer last year) to have a go. Tony Mac from The Real People had already played drums on an early session for the album – Three drummers on one album? Who do we think we are Steely Dan? Then there was the jettisoning of several tunes that didn’t fit the plan … being as I doubt there will be any shows in 2021 I intend to go straight into the next album which will feature a more streamlined ten cuts and will hopefully claw back some of the cash I’ve thrown at this one – which has been A Lot. More than I could ever hope to cover from sales of vinyl/CD/dowloads alone. I need to play live to make the books balance. I didn’t know I was making a ‘Trilogy’ until I realised Star Smile Strong and Our Future In Space felt like an upward arc – despite having two completely different bands playing on them, I felt like I was experiencing great visitation of creativitity/energy which last had it’s way with me with Truth And Beauty (1993), Head Like A Rock (1994) and Merseybeast (1996) which many who enjoy what I do will suggest was my second “golden period”. I’ve made records I like better but there’s no doubt this was my artistic/commercial peak (HLAR and Merseybeast were commercial slam dunks – both chart albums). Anyhoo – yadda yadda yadda – this collection is getting close to completion and you’ll be able to judge for yourselves. I humbly suggest that this is the record that solidifies my reign at the top of the People Who Most Punters Have Never Heard Of But Are A Fair Bit Better Than Biffy Clyro Official Chart.

Track Listing:Boy Harry Dean Stanton Mesmerised DeserterRollin’ On (The Things We Gave Away)You Bring Good ThingsJonesin’The OutlawYOLORunnin’ Outta StuffAnamorphic Anodyne (Twistin’ In The Wind)Goin’ To A PlaceGigalo DaysThe Old Grey LadySwiss Army Knife Of FuertaventuraGreat SpiritWe’re Never Gonna Grow UpJivin’ Miss DaisyNo One Tells A Lie Like A Dude With A Tie MelodyPre-order: www.ianmcnabb.com#utopian

A special preview version of one of the new tracks from Ian McNabb’s forthcoming album ‘Utopian’

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