CASSIA – ” Don’t Make A Scene “

Posted: October 25, 2020 in MUSIC
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The momentum building around Macclesfield band Cassia has continued with the release of their current single ‘Don’t Make A Scene’. Cassia shine a fresh light on the track with the new acoustic version. While the original was utterly uplifting, this new take on the song heightens its laid-back, blissed out charm with jangly acoustic guitars and a subtle string accompaniment. It also puts a fresh focus on frontman Rob Ellis’s lyrics, which offer a timely reminder to follow your passions regardless of what other people might think.

While Cassia’s music is uplifting and carefree, there is a stark difference between the face value of their music and its content under further inspection, presenting challenging themes in a totally unique way. The accompanying video finds the trio performing the song in their Casa de Cassia studio, which was named by a fan during one of their lockdown live sessions.

There’s a heart-warming simplicity to both the video, and new rendering of the track. The passivity they talk about is interpreted in an innovative, interesting way; “ordinary people” transform into beautifully endearing figures through the stripped-back vocals and muted drums. All in all, the track only leaves us more ready for their upcoming tour dates.

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