ANI DI FRANCO – ” Do Or Die “

Posted: October 20, 2020 in MUSIC

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A great song from Ani DiFranco, with intensely political lyrics and some nice dancing on the video courtesy of Dancing Grounds and New Orleans Dance Collective. Ani DiFranco is a feminist and anti racist who has been vocal in support of people actions to stop the right wing pirates running things in the White House, the Senate and the Supreme Court. It’s a great video.

I recorded this song in a semi-abandoned strip mall in Durham, North Carolina, with some very talented musicians from that area. we all came out of isolation for the session and I wore a mask except when in front of a microphone singing. I didn’t know any of the players before the session. the group was put together by Brad Cook and included his brother Phil Cook on keys, Yan Westerlund on drums, Brevan Hampden on percussion and Matt Douglas on flute. later, my touring compadre  Terence Higgins overdubbed some more percussion and a string quartet called Delgani was added in Eugene, Oregon, arranged by my other touring companion, Todd Sickafoose. pandemic productions!” –Ani .

“Do or Die” from Ani DiFranco’s forthcoming album on Righteous Babe Records.

Released September 30th, 2020

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