FLEET FOXES – ” Jara “

Posted: October 6, 2020 in MUSIC

While critically revered, Fleet Foxes 2017 effort “Crack-Up” was still a polarizing document in the experimental folk band’s catalogue. Robin Pecknold averted the timelessness that made his band’s beardy grandeur with abrupt fractures and diverted away its underlying pop reach away from the absolutes of this world. Naturally, that boldness to be that considered with intentional complexity became this side of opinion’s Fleet Foxes preference, but if there something that has come to be appreciated with Pecknold’s work as a whole over the years, it’s that his craft has a strange, reaching majesty throughout it that goes unrivaled in much of today’s indie scene peers.

Shore”, Fleet Foxes’ latest effort, may have had to go a distance further to glue the path of fragments created by Crack-Up to make that splendour absolutely visible once more in their sound, but with a highlight journey in “Jara”, he and his collaborators find that destination once again. The listen pushes its atypically warm autumnal wind through branches singing and a tumbling of needle-pricked guitars. Pecknold’s voice takes on the personification of that, as if to breath life through every blade of grass and water ripple it encounters. “Though we’re only alive a short while / So many beneath my feet / All weather, you walk with me,” he sings. and in that moment, Fleet Foxes brings you back to a place unseen, yet all so familiar.

The album is out! This one was an intense two-year labour of love and I’m elated that it’s out in the world now, so soon after we finished it. Really hope it can be a 55 minute life-preserver in this ocean of bad news. This album was almost abandoned back in April but I’m so glad it came together how it did over the summer, so glad to share it, and so glad to have some time now to make even more music, other songs that will soon enough live alongside it. Thank you so much to Kersti Jan Werdal for making an incredible full-length 16mm film companion to this album.

Fleet Foxes’ “Shore” is available now on ANTI Records.

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