DIRTY DISHES – ” Dan Cortez “

Posted: October 4, 2020 in MUSIC
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Dirty Dishes released their long awaited full length debut “Guilty” all the way back in January on Exploding In Sound Records and the band have remained busy over the course of the year. The then Los Angeles band toured their way to SXSW and back and supported Shamir for a string of dates throughout California before eventually moving across the country to Brooklyn, bringing the trio back to the East Coast. Since their triumphant return, the band have kept a busy show schedule including CMJ and a tour with label mates Stove.

Wasting no time, Dirty Dishes are set to hit the road again this winter for a massive US tour, In conjunction with the upcoming tour, the band are sharing the official video for Guilty stand-out track “Dan Cortez” with us. The video, directed by documentary filmmaker Elaine McMillion Sheldon captures a rainy drive throughout China in long cuts that reflect the song’s slow creeping pace with tranquil visuals that blur along as the music twists and turns, slowly building in time.

Sheldon spoke about the footage, offering:

“In May of this year I found myself filming the life of a young girl in Shenzhen, China. One day we left the city and took a day trip to a fishing town. As we were driving, we passed several ghost cities. Haunting places with tall buildings stacked upon one another–some finished and some without windows–built as glowing new beacons of hope but never becoming home to anyone. The solemn rain, the abandonment of these cities and the quietness of a language barrier, brought me to shoot the 4-minute long take of lights dancing through the lonely tunnels that led us back to Shenzhen.”

Psyched to see what’s next from these geniuses of rockcraft.

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