ELTON JOHN – ” Jewel Box ” 9LP Boxset + Limited Edition Poster

Posted: September 20, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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This 9LP set gathers together all three of the ‘Jewel Box’ vinyl breakouts housed in one box. Curated by Elton himself and taken from the ‘Jewel Box’ 8-CD boxset, this 4LP gatefold black vinyl album takes a trip through a glittering career encompassing hidden gems and overlooked classics from a staggering body of work. which features an astonishing amount of rarities, deep cuts and B-sides.

Elton John recorded significantly more music in the Sixties and Seventies than the public ever got a chance to hear, and on November 13th, he’s finally sharing much of it with the world with the release of his 8-disc collection Elton: Jewel Box.

The latest preview from the set is John’s lost 1968 tune “Regimental Sgt. Zippo,” which has been paired with a new animated video. “The title track of an unreleased debut album, this track captures Elton and Bernie in full 60s psychedelic mode,” reads a press release. “Recorded and produced at the DJM studios, the same building that housed the Beatles’ publishing company, Northern Songs, the song is an affectionate nod to Sgt Pepper and the era.”

Fans can also hear “Les Aveux,” “Stone’s Throw from Hurtin’,” “(Gotta Get A) Meal Ticket,” a demo of “Sing Me No Sad Songs” and “Snow Queen” from the forthcoming box set on streaming services now.

Elton: Jewel Box begins with John’s 1965 work in his early band Bluesology and goes all the way to his Academy Award-winning song “(I’m Gonna) Love Me” from the soundtrack of his 2019 biopic Rocketman. There are 148 songs in total and several of them have never been released or even bootlegged prior to this box.

Deep Cuts 4LP Vinyl curated Rarities And B-Side Highlights 3LP Vinyl. This gatefold 3-LP set brings together highlights from the ‘Jewel Box’ 8-CD box set and includes selections of Elton’s much sought-after 1960s and early 1970s demos, never previously released, and a series of Elton’s non-album B-sides “And This Is Me” 2LP Vinyl.

This collection contains 148 songs spanning 1965 to 2019, of which 60 are previously unreleased. The first two CDs feature ‘Deep Cuts‘, a selection of personal favourites curated by Elton himself and what follows that are three CDs of Rarities. The rarities include many, many piano demos and band demos mostly recorded before he was signed or had released his first album, Empty Sky, in 1969.

There are 65 tracks in total across the three rarities discs, including the first song ever written by Elton and his debut appearance on a record (both ‘Come Back Baby’– 1965), Elton and Bernie’s first composition (‘Scarecrow’ – 1967), and newly-unearthed piano/vocal demos of some of Elton’s most acclaimed songs from his early albums.

Coinciding with the release of the updated paperback edition of Me, and taken from the 8-disc CD box set ‘Jewel Box’,‘And This Is Me’ celebrates the songs mentioned by name by Elton in his acclaimed memoir, closing with the Elton and Bernie Taupin’s 2020 Academy Award winning ‘(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again’ – a duet with Taron Egerton.

Discs six and seven are B-sides compiled together for the first time. These start from 1976 and go all the way through to 2005. Many of these are being offered on CD for the first time.

The eighth and final disc is Elton’s ‘Mike Yarwood’ CD, it’s called ‘And This Is Me‘. It’s a bit of an excuse to sneak a few proper hits into this set although the justification is to collection songs that are mentioned in Elton’s biography, Me, which is coming out as a paperback edition soon.

The CD set comes in hardcover book-style packaging (it’s not totally clear how big this is) which slots into an outer slipcase. Each section comes accompanied with extensive notes including a track-by-track commentary by Elton for his ‘Deep Cuts’.

In terms of vinyl, you have three options: all 31 ‘Deep Cuts‘ from the first two CDs in the box set are available as a 4LP set. Additionally there is a ‘Rarities & B-sides 3LP vinyl package. This features just over half (‘highlights’) of the 65 rarities from the CD box and just five of the 36 B-sides from the eight-CD box. Finally the ‘And This Is Me‘ compilation which completes the box set is also available as a 2LP vinyl package. Speaking about this Jewel Box release Elton says:

“To delve back through every period of my career in such detail for Jewel Box has been an absolute pleasure. Hearing these long lost tracks again, I find it hard to comprehend just how prolific Bernie and I were during the early days. The songs just poured out of us and the band were just unbelievable in the studio. I always want to push forward with everything I do and look to the future, but having time during lockdown to take stock and pull these moments from my memory from each era has been a joy. As a devout record collector myself, this project has really excited me and I couldn’t be happier with the level of craft involved in such a carefully curated, lovingly constructed box set. I’m sure my fans will enjoy it as much as I have.”

All the audio for Jewel Box was mastered by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios and all formats will be released on 13th November via UMC/EMI.

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