DAWES – ” Didn’t Fix Me “

Posted: September 20, 2020 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Dawes a group of road warriors who’ve carved out their blend of amplified folk-rock, the music is nuanced and collaborative, with no single instrument dominating the track list. “We’ve learned so much over the years about what it means to be A Band” says drummer/free range dog farmer Griffin Goldsmith, “I used to want all our records to be Only drums, but I’m finally starting to realize, maybe a lil’ bass, keys, guitars and vocals ain’t so bad after all.”

“It feels very natural to outsource our problems. Telling ourselves “once I have this job, this partner, this amount of money, etc, I will be happy” is really effective and convenient. Unfortunately no one’s life actually works that way. I’m sure we all know plenty of miserable people who seem to have it all and plenty of blissful people that seem to have close to nothing. This song is about the efforts one makes to find some easy fix, unable to recognize that it will never work that way, that we are in the end our own responsibility.”

‘Didn’t Fix Me’ is here!.
‘We wanted to make a video that felt like all our old favourite children’s books. We thought the song’s simplicity and subject matter could withstand a more direct telling of the lyrics within a video and we love the way it came out. Art by Joshua Swallow

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