PORRIDGE RADIO – ” Live At St Giles’ Camberwell “

Posted: September 16, 2020 in MUSIC

We filmed this special session on Friday with El Hardwick, who directed the and took our press photos, at St. Giles’ Camberwell. It contains us playing “7 Seconds” live for an audience for the first time and 3 songs from “Every Bad”. We were joined by Maria Marzaioli who played the violin on the album.

There was a very special cover too, but it had to be taken out for legal reasons. Hopefully we will be able to share it soon.

‘I was sitting with Sam early last year and I played it to him and asked him if he could help me speed it up and make it less miserable. He wrote the main keyboard riff almost immediately and we were so into it that we listened to it on repeat for an hour before realising that we had listened to a 7 second riff on loop for an hour…’ – Dana

A big big thank you to everyone who’s listened, bought & shown love to Every Bad. 
You can catch us performing a track from it on the Mercury Prize Award Show on the 23rd September at 10pm UK time on BBC Four.

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