MARTIN NEWELL – ” The Jangling Man ” Official Documentary Trailer

Posted: September 11, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The Jangling Man is the story of UK-based artist Martin Newell. The film is being shot, directed and produced by James Sharp and is being co-produced and edited by Jim Larson, in partnership with Captured Tracks. He’s known by many names – the greatest living Englishman, the wild man of Wivenhoe, the Midnite Cleaner, the Psychedelic Gardener, the godfather of home recording – and he has lived many lives. Regarded by many as an influential figure in the history of cassette culture and DiY recording, Newell’s music career spans over six decades and he has quite literally released hundreds of albums, 7″ singles, cassettes and CDs. Presently, he is still recording and releasing. And let’s not forget, on top of being the most published contemporary British poet who continues to release collections of literature as well as recite his work on the BBC to this day.

Martin Newell has been an integral part of the British music scene since the 1970s, from glam rock and pop, to jazz, all the while keeping his glittery shimmer. He’s been produced by XTC’s Andy Partridge, and written for the likes of Captain Sensible of The Damned. Newell has also toured extensively with members of the Damned as his own backing band. It’s no wonder he has influenced the likes of Alphaville, MGMT, Ariel Pink and Mac Demarco, to name a few.

As always, thank you for your support and for spreading the word about this project! Today, we wanted to share a few bits of ephemera we’ve collected while working on The Jangling Man, chiefly the story of Martin Newell’s first solo single, “Young Jobless”, which was surprisingly the subject of some controversy when it was first released.

In 1980, Martin Newell began recording in earnest with Lol Elliott under the Cleaners from Venus moniker. Around the same time, Newell was enlisted by the Manpower Services Commission, an employment and training services organization in the UK, to write a single about issues faced by unemployed young people. Thus, Newell wrote “Young Jobless” and “Sylvie in Town”, his first single to be released by Liberty PR, a subsidiary of EMI. No one could have predicted the media frenzy that followed:

The documentary will feature unseen performances and footage never released from the extent of his career along with interviews from the likes of: punk poet John Cooper Clarke, Tony Phillips, R. Stevie Moore, Nelson a/k/a Peter Nice [Brotherhood of Lizards / New Model Army], Dave Gregory [XTC], Steve Lamacq [BBC Radio 6 Music], Iain McNay [Cherry Red Records], Ichiro Tatsuhara, Luke Wright, Kimberley Rew [Katrina and the Waves, The Soft Boys], Lorraine Bowen, Paul Tivy, Ian Peppercorn, James Dodds, James Hunter, Lee Cave-Berry, Mike Sniper [Captured Tracks], Jack Tatum [Wild Nothing], Zachary Cole Smith [DIIV], Mac DeMarco, Jackson MacIntosh and Jessica Pratt.

The life of Martin Newell may be one of the greatest untold stories of the music world…

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