CAYLEE HAMMACK – ” If It Wasn’t For You “

Posted: September 10, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Caylee Hammack Lets Life Experiences Guide Her On New Album, ‘If It Wasn’t For You’

Caylee Hammack’s debut album begins with a good scolding. “You should’ve never come over,” she exclaims. “You should’ve left early and kept your hands to yourself / You knew better / You should’ve never promised me bliss if you couldn’t keep it.” Stand back—she’s breathing fire. But as the album opener, titled “Just Friends,” continues, it becomes clear that the issues in this relationship weren’t entirely to blame on the handsy guy. Hammack continues, “I should’ve listened to my mama / And not let you in my head / I should’ve told ya that I loved ya / But not let you in my bed.” Her predicament is a familiar one to anybody who hustled into a relationship with a friend too quickly.

The 26-year-old Hammack wrote or co-wrote and produced all 13 tracks on If It Wasn’t For You, her debut album released earlier last month, and the Georgia native peels back the curtain on everything from failed friends-with-benefits arrangements and redhead stereotypes to existential woes and family issues (namely on “Family Tree,” which is akin to Kacey Musgraves’ “Family is Family”).

The album’s 13 songs are packed with Hammack’s clever and relatable song writing, as well as stories that are entirely true to her real life. From tales about her childhood, to stories about heartbreak, to fiery songs about life, the Georgia-born artist infuses her personality and vulnerability into every word.

While some tracks tell her story through a more upbeat lens, Hammack also delves into some of her biggest heartbreaks and losses on the project. In “Forged in the Fire,” which was inspired by a fire that ravaged her home in 2017, the singer describes how to rise from the ashes of life. And in the genuine “Looking For A Lighter,” Hammack sings of unintentionally finding a few items in a junk drawer—such as an old fake ID and letters from a past love—that cause locked away memories to start flooding back. These stories are set to music that is also deeply personal, as the production features nods to Hammack’s influences,

“I wanted every single song to have a real, true story behind it that I can tell onstage or in an interview and explain where every single lyric came from,” she said in an exclusive interview. “In Nashville, so many times you just go in a room and you write something to write it. I wanted to make sure the songs I put out were my stories because I feel like your debut album is like a name tag you put on at a new party.”

The official album release show for Caylee Hammack’s debut album “If It Wasn’t For You” live from The Steel Mill.

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