POWDERFINGER – ” Odyssey Number Five “

Posted: September 6, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Powderfinger  have revealed they’ll be releasing a new album this year. Band members Darren Middleton and Jon Coghill have announced that the band will be sharing an album of previously unreleased tracks later this year.”We were in putting together “Odyssey Number Five” 20th anniversary release and we went back and found like 50 songs that we had never released,” said Coghill during the interview. “And we’ve got the 10 best songs, we think. “There’s gonna be a new album this year at some stage. New songs. No one’s heard any of them. And it sounds pretty good to us. It’s been put together really well.”

The pair went on to reveal that the unnamed album will include tracks recorded as far back as 1998 from the Internationalist album era and that they have worked with long-running Powderfinger producer Nick DiDia to finalise the release. The album’s first single, “Day By Day”, is due to be released on Friday 18th September.

It’s already been a big year for Powderfinger fans, with the group reforming (for the first time since their disbandment in 2010) for a one-off fundraiser for Support Act and Beyond Blue. It seems that fans shouldn’t hold their breath for another performance anytime soon though, with Middleton saying “There’s no plans to do any more live lockdown videos or record any new songs or write any new songs together”.

Powderfinger are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their album Odyssey Number Five this week, with a vinyl reissue and deluxe edition CD out this Friday.

Easily one of our most requested vinyl titles over the years and previously only available in a very expensive and out-of-print box set. Finally re-issued as a stand-alone vinyl pressing, 20 years to the day of the original release!, Available as a standard LP reissue or in a deluxe 2xLP 180-gram colour edition, remastered for vinyl by Don Bartley and expanded with 10 bonus tracks including acoustic versions, covers & B-sides.

The Metre by Powderfinger taken from the album Odyssey Number 5

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