BDRMM – ” Gush “

Posted: August 28, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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“‘Gush’ was written back in 2016 at a particularly hard time in my life as I was going through the most significant loss I have endured. I remember coming home from work one day and luckily my brother Jordan (bass) was staying over at mine that evening so we just set the equipment up, which at this time was just a laptop, a DI and my iPhone which I used for vocals. We smashed the demo out in about two hours and that was that, it was just a track, a track I never expected to be our most played to this date.

We had always played it live, but I never thought that it would end up being on the album, simply because of the amount we played it, it was just a filler in the set, well, it felt like that to me anyways. Joe (guitar) always had a soft spot for it. When we went in to record the album, I wouldn’t say reluctantly, but definitely with the least confidence of its place on the album, we decided to include it, and I am so glad we did. It was the track that we finished last, as it always felt something was lacking on it. The last day of recording, I was just playing around over the last minute of the ‘for that mistake i’m sorry’ change in the track, and that’s where the final guitar run came from, it almost fit too perfectly and went from it being the most underrated track on the record, to arguably everybody’s favourite.

I am so glad it’s got the recognition that it has, purely because the more I see people enjoying it, the more it reminds me of the main message of the track: ‘You have to go through shit, to realise it gets better’” – Ryan Smith

bdrmm have shared a brand new short film to accompany their single, ‘Gush’, which is released on all digital platforms today.

“Gush” – A Short Film is available to watch on YouTube and the band’s Instagram TV account now. It was filmed by Sam Joyce at Gorilla Studios in Hull, and features a performance of the single as well as candid interviews with the band about the genesis of the song.

“‘Gush’ is an honest track, so I wanted a video to reflect that by understanding the interpretations of the people who helped create it,” explains singer/guitarist Ryan Smith.

He continues: “It’s a very personal track, probably the most I’ve ever delved into my own life. As much as I would love to share this topic, I feel it’s too much. I shared something very special with somebody which we lost. It was a very upsetting couple of months for us, but we got through it. The track is filled with optimism because things do get better, no matter how bad they get. Be there for your loved ones, always.”

To coincide with the single release, a new limited-edition red vinyl version of the band’s debut album, Bedroom, is available now from selected indie shops: buy a copy now. bdrmm have rearranged their UK tour dates for 2021. Tickets for the original dates remain valid, and further shows will be announced soon.

April 2nd – Nottingham – Chameleon Arts Cafe

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