JAY SOM – ” Nightime Drive “

Posted: August 21, 2020 in MUSIC
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Jay Som mastermind Melina Duterte stars in the Han Hale-directed video as a weary traveling musician (a role she is well-equipped to play!) who, asleep in her band’s touring van, dreams she’s the leader of a group of suit-clad special agents on their way to investigate a mysterious, crop circle-esque pattern that has appeared in the wilderness. “Shifting through the nighttime drive / We’ll be just fine,” Duterte sings, her breathy vocals evoking the blurry state of being in between—sleep and waking, one city and another, late night and early morning—over gauzy guitars, playful bass plucks, and judiciously deployed piano and strings. Meanwhile, the video dives deeper and deeper into her imagination, ultimately uncovering the supernatural truth at the heart of the mystery.

Melina Duterte says that her single as Jay Som, “Nighttime Drive,” “basically encapsulated my entire life for the past two years.” It’s the latest slice of mellow dream pop from her sophomore album, Anak Ko, that came out August .

“Nighttime Drive” is taken from Jay Som’s new album, Anak Ko, out August 2019.

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