The BEATLES – ” NME Poll Winners 1965 EP ” 7″ inch Vinyl

Posted: August 12, 2020 in MUSIC
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Beatles - NME Poll Winners 1965 EP.jpg

We all have our idea of what would constitute a dream concert, and if you were a British teen in 1965 or an adult who happens to know where to find a good time machine—yours might go something like this: First, you’d book the Rolling Stones as one of your opening acts, performing some rhythm and blues favorites like Otis Redding’s “Pain in My Heart” and Solomon Burke’s “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love”

For the second half of your fantasy concert, you’d get serious, bringing on the heavyweights: the SearchersThem (featuring that dynamic singer Van Morrison, and the Animals, along with a couple of the best solo artists the U.K. has to offer: Dusty Springfield and the young folk singer from Scotland, called Donovan. And, of course, the Beatles, singing some of their recent hits like “I Feel Fine” and “Ticket to Ride” before closing out their five-song set with Little Richard’s “Long Tall Sally.” And then you’d have the Kinks follow them, singing “You Really Got Me”

Well, if you were at London’s Wembley Empire Pool on April 11th, 1965, you could have witnessed that very concert, filled out with other current faves like Cilla Black, Freddie and the Dreamers , folk-rockers the Seekers , Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders, and more.

Each year, beginning in 1953, the British music weekly NME (New Musical Express) polled its readers on the best of the year. The winners were then invited to perform for the people and, at the height of the British Invasion, that meant the Beatles, Stones, Animals, Kinks, etc. You might think that a concert featuring so many future classic rock acts would last for a week, but in those days it was all about running on stage, playing a few hits and beating a hasty retreat. The entire show—presented here in black and white, of course—took about two hours from start to finish.

Also included on the night live performances of the Moody Blues’ “Go Now,” Herman’s Hermits’ “Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter,” the Stones’ “The Last Time,” Donovan’s “Catch the Wind” and Them’s “Here Comes the Night.”

You’d also invite some of the currently happening bands like the Moody Blues (who begin the concert), the soulful Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames and Herman’s Hermits.

The NME called it “the greatest pop show in the world” and who are we to argue. The 3 ½ hour show was witnessed by 10,000 fans at Wembley’s Empire Pool who saw The Animals, The Bachelors, Cilla Black, Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames, Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders, Freddie & The Dreamers, Herman’s Hermits, The Ivy League, Tom Jones, The Kinks, The Moody Blues, The Rockin’ Berries, The Rolling Stones, The Searchers, The Seekers, Sounds Incorporated, Dusty Springfield, Them & Twinkle.

The Beatles performed just five songs.

1. I Feel Fine
2. She’s A Woman
1. Baby’s In Black
2. Ticket To Ride
3. Long Tall Sally

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