BEN SERETAN – ” Youth Pastoral “

Posted: August 11, 2020 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Ben Seretan’s yearning delivery and earthy melodies are a little alt-country, but the songs are covered in an atmospheric indie rock haze (think Yo La Tengo or Broken Social Scene), and sometimes things can really come crashing down in a louder alternative rock kind of way (not unlike, say, early Manchester Orchestra). Ben also explores his personal relationship with Christianity throughout the album, and gospel is at least somewhat of a reference point here too. The song that auto-plays on Bandcamp is the seven and a half minute centerpiece “Am I Doing Right By You,” which is probably the obvious standout, but the whole album is great.

“Am I Doing Right By You,” the record’s seven minute centerpiece. Seretan’s vocals are wry and dry. “I could feel you pulling away from me / when I try to pray “ echoes the album titles thesis. “Am I doing right by you? Oh, my God!” is repeated many times before the track builds and bursts out into madness, showcasing Seretan’s collection of stellar collaborators. For lover’s of Stephen Malkmus, Lambchop and the like, Youth Pastoral is a litmus test for a brand of indie that is starting to pulse in the dark.

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