Posted: August 5, 2020 in Classic Albums, MUSIC
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Whether singing about frozen pets in the basement or frozen people in a cryogenic chamber, it’s been a minute since Chicago-based Ratboys last album, 2017’s GN.  We were graced with the teaser of a lovely follow-up four song EP, GL in the interim.  The core duo of Julia Steiner (vocals, guitar) and Dave Sagan (guitar) have been backed by a revolving door of rhythm sections to this point, but have announced permanent members in Marcus Nuccio (drums) and Sean Neumann (bass).  The cohesiveness certainly shows on their upcoming third album.  Printer’s Devil (another stumbled upon and appealingly odd title) releases via Topshelf Records on February 28th, and the opening track and first single, “Alien With A Sleep Mask On” charges hard out of the gate.

If you have a hankering for guitar-based indie rock, Sagan really lets it fly and Steiner’s agile vocals cruise ably alongside without showing any signs of cracks.  The band doesn’t hesitate to throw in some alt-country vibes or drone-drenched passages, but Steiner’s contributions always keep things buoyant.  With the new album and an extensive tour poised for the spring thaw (including SXSW dates), the upcoming Chinese Year of the Rat looks primed to be renamed the Year of the Ratboys.

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