BLUME HINGES – ” Fleeting Fingers “

Posted: August 3, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The new single by Blume Hinges, “Fleeting Fingers”, is out now – from their forthcoming album “Build Your Castle Inside of a Mountain”. The moniker of Canadian (Saskatoon) musician and songwriter Aaron England, for Blume Hinges’ latest track Aaron is joined by Claire Cuny (of Reliant Tom) on background vocals, Chicago and Nashville based musician Van Isaacson on violin, and musician and producer Scott Simon Haus on bass and keys. A stylistic departure from his previous album and single, “Fleeting Fingers” encapsulates the new sound of Blume Hinges upcoming album with its more mid-tempo, rolling and melodic style with expanded instrumentation.

Regarding the meaning and themes of the track Aaron states, “The song is a resolve to loneliness – a call for a solitary existence. I have suffered from a long history of social anxiety and this and the voice in your head that tells you to just stay home when people ask you out. The title “Fleeting Fingers” is a reference to this… the chance brush of hands with a stranger that gives you a false sense of connection. Its that brief but intense rush of emotions that stem from a short-lived encounter with another human being, that ironically in the aftermath makes you feel even more isolated because you were not able to create a real connection.”

Canadian (Saskatoon) based singer/songwriter Aaron Egeland has been writing and recording original, hook-driven, melodic material that draws heavily from alt rock, noise rock and grunge and pop with some experimental leanings, influenced by an eclectic array of artists. Back in 2016, Egeland began a long-distance collaboration with Chicago-based engineer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Scott Simon to flesh out and fully realize the material he had written – under the moniker Blume Hinges.

Aaron Egeland creates twinkling, thoughtful, introspective indie rock that recalls the greats without sounding like a carbon copy”

Fleeting Fingers Records Released on: 2020-07-31

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