HOWARD – ” Extended Play “

Posted: August 1, 2020 in MUSIC

When I first heard “Old Mountain Boy,” I imagined it was written from the top of an Appalachian mountain and sung to the clouds overhead. I’m happy to say that I’m at least partially correct. Howard wrote “Old Mountain Boy” when he decided to drop out of medical school to pursue music. The songwriter said, “I wrote the song out in nature on top of a mountain and while looking out I felt paralyzed by my fear of this decision.” So, check on the mountain top part. Whether in Appalachia or sung to clouds remains to be determined, but the dulcet delivery overpowering the sense of trepidation feel like a sky-cast hope. This single comes to us from Howard’s new LP, Together Alone, which is available on Spotify. I definitely suggest you check it out because there is quite a bit of variation as you move through the tracks. The one constant is Howard’s impeccable song writing. As days start getting warmer, we need a record that helps us digest our thoughts and just lets us chill our neurons. Howard’s new EP, Extended Play, is a compilation of five tracks that helps us step out of our routines and reflect on our own larger, abstract issues. “Modern Love” is a piano-fueled anthem that throws you into a kaleidoscopic loop. In “Saturn Return,” Howard taps into the inevitable identity crisis that we face every 29 years according to astrology. His struggles with his own doubts is also found in “Old Mountain Boy” where Howard presents us a younger version of himself questioning his decisions while hoping for the better. The final tracks, “Save What’s Lost” and “Waiting In The Garden,” is Howard’s own process of letting his old self go:


Howard, opted to go by only his forename… which can be really hard to Google. So you’re going to want to follow Howard on his socials to stay up-to-date.

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