Posted: July 29, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Post punk group spread thin across the wild west country. “Romance” is Neurotic Fiction‘s final exhalation. Dragged around the block, dishonoured at the dinner party, pining over its own reflection, it crawls back into bed with its tail in its mouth, surrendering four agonising spasms of neurotic obsession before it expires, liberated at last from its waking thought – “oh no, not again” Having called it quits in July 2019 after touring with Doe and playing the Madrid Popfest with Martha, Neurotic Fiction faded from view with a vague hint about unreleased music cast over their retreating shoulders… a year later we’re pleased to announce this lost treasure: their final 7” Romance. Four more tracks of frantic hook filled post-punk with elements of garage, indie pop and surf. Clever, thought-provoking lyrics tucked in between tasteful riffs on a Wurlitzer. Recorded with Mark Jasper(Witching Waves / Soundsavers Studio) at Delicious Clam in Sheffield it neatly captures the magic of Neurotic Fiction’s shimmering guitar and intertwined vocal lines.


Released July 24th, 2020

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