Posted: July 25, 2020 in MUSIC
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Ren,  whose beloved “blue album” dropped eight years before she was born. “Weezer is iconic for me,” she says. That this young musician, born and raised in central Toronto, is that versed in the ’90s is part of why she is the newest act signed to the storied Geffen Records label . Ren, short for her less rock ’n’ roll birth name Lauren Isenberg, knew that her debut single “waves,” a haunting electro slow jam, was something special when she posted it in February.

“It’s like posting a picture of yourself that you know is really, really good,” she says. “And having the response be really, really good.”

How good? The buzz quickly led to a meeting with Geffen in Los Angeles in March. The label announced this month that they’d signed the young Canadian, whose electropop-spiked-with-rock sound is similar to that of the game-changing Eilish (both artists are under the Universal umbrella). Taking a meeting with the label, she says, was surreal. She respected that Geffen had worked with so many artists — among them Guns N‘ Roses, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, and Solange — that retained their unique voices.

“They give you the freedom to do what you want (creatively),” she says. “That was one thing that I need. That is why I wanted to be an artist.” Plus, there was that other big artist that shook things up on Geffen in the ’90s. “I had Nirvana played for me a lot,” she says, admitting her dad, a stockbroker, raised her on the label’s grunge poster band.

Especially at a time where everyone’s feeling isolated and a little alone, it’s so important to have good friends who you can talk to. On “fuck, i luv my friends,” renforshort expresses her appreciation for her pals and lets them know that she’s excited to see them again.

A songwriter who plays guitar, piano and bass, Ren is nowadays as likely to be inspired by something from her own life as by a conversation with friends. Her new single “idc,” a blistering response to noncommittal attitudes toward dating in the Tinder age, channels one of her friend’s experiences. (How does the friend feel about that? “She loves it!” Ren says.) While she doesn’t love juggling class and homework with rehearsal and travel, one upside is getting to see her close-knit group of friends. “They are actually proud of me,” she says. “They think it’s so crazy. To look at it from their perspective, it’s like, ‘holy s–t, this is crazy!’. ” Her debut EP, to be released in 2020, will feature songs about body image, anxiety and growing up as a teenager. The sound, she says, is consistent with current alternative pop with some ’90s-inspired production in keeping with “idc,” which uses what Ren calls the “Nirvana pedal” for the chorus’s guitar riff.

renforshort’s single “fuck I luv my friends” is out now!

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