LYYS – ” We Never Fight “

Posted: July 25, 2020 in MUSIC
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The musical moniker of South London-based songwriter Rebecca Holloway, things have been a little quiet for Lyys although that changed a few months back with the release of a new single, Can’t Hear It. This week Lyys has returned with “I Don’t Fight”, the second of four singles promised for 2020.

Describing herself as, “a chronic over-thinker”, I Don’t Fight finds Lyys in typically cerebral form, a reflection on shutting down your emotions in the face of being hurt. As Rebecca explains, “after feeling like you’ve been turned inside out there can be a knee-jerk reaction to do anything to feel in control, powerful or to just feel nothing”, here she explores how that can be counterproductive and result in a failure to form, “proper connections with other people going forward”. Musically, the track sticks to the blueprint of previous Lyys material, dealing in glistening, introverted dream-pop, with Rebecca’s reverberating vocal accompanied by a variety of drum-machines and electronic pulses. Still walking the line between the bedroom studio and the dance floor, this sad-synth-pop-banger might just be Lyys’ most intriguing statement yet.

Lyys is an electronic, dream-pop musician working out of her bedroom in South London. Inspired by everyone from the Cocteau Twins to early Madonna, her sound is one of reverberating guitars, cold distant pulses of synth and a honeyed vocal equal parts Stevie Nicks and Patience’s Roxanne Clifford. Lyys’ debut EP “Darling Enemy” has received support from the likes of The Line of Best Fit, Clash and Amazing Radio.

I Don’t Fight is out now.

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