TWIN PEAKS – ” Side A ” EP

Posted: July 12, 2020 in MUSIC
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We are announcing the release of four new songs, Side A.  While we take pride in our art and love to share it with our fans:

Regarding the new release: you can hear the first track “What’s the Matter” now. Clay says this song “was written with groove in mind. recorded it in our practice space studio. got our friend V.V. Lightbody to play some of the funkiest flute you ever heard. our friend Sima smacked on some of her gorgeous singing. A song against the darkness, against Ganon, a song for the outdoors and the hero. There is a sword hidden in the lost woods and it will be found.” Here is a message From The Dudes:
Hello, we here at TWIN PEAKS DUDES LLC are writing to inform you of our new release, “Side A.” We run the recording side of our operations out of our very own Studio D at Treehouse Records. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we realized our recording efforts would be waylaid, so we wanted to finish the songs closest to completion remotely;

When you preorder the 10”, you will instantly receive a download of all four songs so you can hear it right now. The 10” won’t be shipping until October because of delays related to Covid, but the EP will officially be released digitally on July 3rd.

We refuse to let this release distract us from the moment at hand. If you support our music, couple that with actions, today and every day henceforth, that are for the betterment of our community in Chicago, for the Black Lives Matter movement, and for dismantling the structures of White Supremacy in America.

We must all continue to educate ourselves, listen, donate, share resources, and allow ourselves to learn. You can start by making a donation to Black Lives Matter Chicago.

To provide some resources, here are two lists of petitions, donation funds, resources, and information on how to make yourself useful to the movement and take action:

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