13th FLOOR ELEVATORS – ” Music Of The Spheres – The Ultimate 13th Floor Elevators ” Vinyl

Posted: July 5, 2020 in MUSIC
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Music Of The Spheres - The Ultimate 13th Floor Elevators' Vinyl

Texas was never a hub of U.S. psychedelic rock in the ’60s, but that state spawned one of the genre’s seminal acts. The 13th Floor Elevators only issued three proper studio LPs during their brief run, but those far-our records — including their influential 1966 debut, ‘The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators’ — expanded minds by mingling garage jangle, electric blues, folk strum and studio experimentation. Plus, what other rock band employed a full-time amplified jug player?,

Featuring the best Elevators‘ vinyl sound ever, this is a fitting – strictly limited (to 3000 only) – tribute to an iconic band and is available from the International Artists Records site only.
A strong thirteen inch square hard box, unique 3D lenticular cover which was used on a poster. • A 2-LP gatefold sleeve edition of The Psychedelic Sounds of, remastered from a safety master tapes. Album one is the mono edition; album two, a remastered stereo mix. This, as for Easter Everywhere and Bull of the Woods below, is the first vinyl reissue from tape sources of the stereo editions for over three decades. Album two is the first ever vinyl pressing of the album in the band’s intended running order. • A 2-LP gatefold sleeve edition of Easter Everywhere, mastered from an original tape source. Album one is the mono edition; album two, a remastered version of the original stereo mix. This is the first official mono reissue of the album since 1967. • A 2-LP gatefold sleeve edition of Bull of the Woods/A Love that’s Sound. This is the first release on vinyl for the latter and it contains a recently discovered and never-heard before version of Some Day My Love, the song originally scheduled as the band’s 6th single • The first ever vinyl release of the band’s unreleased first album Headstone.

The first official vinyl release of Live in California-The Avalon RecordingsThe Sumet Sounds Masters EP, a six track EP of Bob Sullivan’s original stereo ‘desk mixes’ of 5 tracks from The Psychedelic Sounds of recordings plus the highly desirable early version of the band’s second single Reverberation from an acetate, only previously available on the long sold out Sign of the 3 Eyed Men CD box set . This disc will only be available in this package. • Stunning 8 inch (200cm) 3D lenticular prints of the album artwork for The Psychedelic Sounds of, Bull of the Woods and Easter Everywhere.

Included a 36 page full colour revised edition of Sign of the Three Eyed Men the book by Paul Drummond , packed with rare band memorabilia and photos, which traces the strange history of the band • A limited edition numbered certificate of authenticity.
Three gatefold double and two single albums all pressed on heavyweight vinyl.
The best sound quality ever for any Elevators‘ vinyl releases
Strictly limited to a maximum of 3000 sets
A 36 page new edition of Paul Drummond’s book Sign of the Three Eyed Men in twelve inch format
Three 3-CD lenticular prints of the key album’s artworks
An 10 inch EP containing the rare Bob Sullivan mixes from The Psychedelic Sounds of

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