GHOSTLY KISSES – ” Never Let Me Go ” (EP)

Posted: June 14, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Ghostly Kisses is the dreamy pop music of singer songwriter Margaux Sauvé. Today is the release of “Never Let Me Go” EP. We’ve put a lot of work in these songs, we explored ways that we never did before. The music is now yours! , Thank you to everyone involved.

Composed mainly on her travels, “Never Let Me Go” is a 22-minute concentrate of dreamy, intimate and emotionally charged music. Margaux Sauvé called on Louis-Étienne Santais for the production, with the collaboration of the producer and engineer of his Alex Ouzilleau.
She details each of the pieces of her EP.

Call My Name
For Call My Name, Louis Étienne and I wanted to explore more organic sounds and feel human depth. Drums, a string quartet, electric guitar and harp were recorded to add a greater dimension to the piece, cinematic sounds and a little oriental touch.

I wrote Lydian more than two years ago. She talks about following her instincts, listening to an idea, pursuing her dreams. Making music in life as a career is an idea that grew in my mind for several years before becoming clear. The moment I realized it was a great relief. This song is about that moment.

Barcelona Boy
Louis-Étienne and I were in Barcelona during the Catalan crisis in 2017. One evening there were a lot of protests outside and we decided to stay in our apartment and not go out. We always travel with my little Yamaha keyboard reface CP and that evening we started playing in the apartment. That’s where Barcelona Boy started.

Where Do Lovers Go?
Where Do Lovers Go? Talk about my last breakup. For several months, I was in a kind of denial and I tried to convince myself that the situation could get better and that we could reconcile. Where Do Lovers Go expresses the last attempt at reconciliation and negotiation, the desire to find the other halfway.

The song Stay took me a long time to write. She also talks about this latest breakup, but more about the moment I finally accepted that despite the sadness, it couldn’t work.

Ghostly Kisses’ Never Let Me Go will be available on all platforms on June 5th. In a moment of great challenges and pain, I wish that we could all be kind to one another


Released June 5th, 2020

Composition: Margaux Sauvé, Louis-Étienne Santais
Lyrics: Margaux Sauvé, Vann Delorey

Special thanks to the musicians who played on the album.
String quartet: Caroline Béchard, Jany Fradette, Marie-Claude Perron, Suzanne Villeneuve
Harp: Marie-Rose Lehoux
Guitar: Antoine Angers
Mandoline, Acoustic Guitar: Charles-Auguste Lehoux
Drum: Alex Kirouac

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