WOOLEN MEN – ” The Gold Room “

Posted: June 7, 2020 in MUSIC
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Very pleased to release our new singles club release “The Gold Room” for Bandcamp No-Fee Friday with cover art by painter Chris Johanson! All sales from today will also go directly to the Black Resilience Fund: The Woolen Men, songs were written by singer and guitarist Lawton Browning — a definite change of pace from the collaborative process the Portland lo-fi indie rock trio usually works with when writing new material.

Musically, The Woolen Men are brainy and loose post-punk indie rock, Browning’s self-taught guitar playing adding bursts of noise and angularity, with grooves both awkward and infectious. 

“I picked up a guitar like most disaffected, bored teenagers when I was about 13,” Browning says, but lessons didn’t stick. “I have a very weird style,” he says, but the gaps in his technique give Woolen Men’s sound a unique cast. In the studio, the band records live with no multi-tracking, applying the notion of “first thought, best thought” to their music.

“With a vocal take, if it’s not there in the first one to three takes you need to go back and rework what you’re doing,” Browning says. “More often the not it’s the first take that turns out to be the best one. We’re not interested in slaving over the songs. It’s more about them feeling right.”


2nd Release in the Woolen Men singles club!
Released June 5th, 2020
Piano, Voice – Lawton Browning
Bass – Alex Geddes
Drums – Rafael Spielman


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