AMERICAN AQUARIUM – ” Lamentations “

Posted: June 7, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The burden of great expectations weighs heavily on American Aquarium leader B.J. Barham. He worries about overcoming the addiction-plagued ghosts of his gene pool, the small-town strictures of his home and the toil of the road. He doesn’t want to let down his bandmates or fans, his wife or family. These troubles define his lyrics, and for the first time, he sings as though he’s trying to be no one but himself. Aided by a team of imaginative producers, the band steps up, wrapping his words in a sort of art-country glow that’s afraid neither to be simple nor sophisticated. For years, the road-loving American Aquarium has been a popular, club-filling band; “Lamentations” is the first guarantee they can be a great one, too. Absolutely a heart-crushing, beautiful songs!!.

American Aquarium have always been great at catering to both the outlaw and pop side of the alt country spectrum. Lamentations takes it to the next level in terms of song writing, heartfelt relevance, and anthemic hook. The production is magnificent and BJs vocals have never sounded so crisp and gritty
released May 1st, 2020

Produced by Shooter Jennings


Members: BJ Barham-Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, Ryan Johnson-Lead Guitar, Whit Wright-Pedal Steel, Bill Corbin-Bass, Kevin McClain-Drums, Colin Dimeo-Lead Guitar

All songs written by BJ Barham
American Aquarium Music

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