The LEMON TWIGS – ” Moon “

Posted: May 30, 2020 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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The Lemon Twigs have shared a new song called ‘Moon’ – from upcoming album ‘Songs For The General Public’ to be released August 21st .The Long Island duo, brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario, announced their upcoming third album ‘Songs For The General Public’ in March. Initially set for release on May 1st via 4AD Records.

Following on from their previous single ‘The One’, The Lemon Twigs the classic-sounding ‘Moon’. Opening with harmonica, the four-minute cut contains hints of Bruce Springsteen and features euphoric bursts of saxophone. Meanwhile, the D’Addarios Brothers shared a surprise live album to raise money for-charity Titled ‘LIVE’, the collection was made available exclusively to stream and download on Bandcamp site.

“I have always found it difficult to wrangle my imagination into one idea,” says Michael D’Addario of The Lemon Twigs. “But at times I’ve felt like it’s necessary, because if Brian and I really let loose, our tastes are so broad that our music will be unidentifiable.”

Indeed, it’s almost frightening to consider what might happen if Michael and his older brother Brian ever “really let loose,” given that The Lemon Twigs’ first two albums (2016’s Do Hollywood and 2018’s Go to School) were both loaded to bursting with freakishly encyclopedic arrays of classic ’70s pop moves and theatrical flourishes. “Songs for the General Public”, the duo’s forthcoming third album, is possibly even broader in its musical scope—“Moon,” their latest single, could have fit comfortably on Meatloaf’s Bat Out of Hell, while “Hell on Wheels” sounds like Mott the Hoople with Ian Hunter really laying into a Bob Dylan imitation, “Live in Favour of Tomorrow” could be a Move outtake, and “Leather Together” is a delightfully sleazy blast of lo-fi glam-punk—yet the songs are also more immediate and accessible than anything they’ve done before.

“We had so many songs,” says Brian, who shares a home studio with his brother at their parents’ house in Long Island, New York. “I think we worked on sixty songs here at the house, and I think they’re all eventually going to come out on various records. But at some point, we realized, ‘OK, we need to focus this in some way.’ We knew we wanted this one to have the most ‘instant’ songs, musically, and the most direct songs, lyrically.”

With the D’Addarios handling the bulk of the vocal, instrumental, mixing and production duties, Songs for the General Public was further buffed and refined at Sonora Recorders in LA (where Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado contributed additional production) and New York’s Electric Lady Studios. Originally due out this month, the album’s release was pushed back to August 21st because of the COVID-19 pandemic; rather than fret about this change in plans, the D’Addarios simply used their unexpected downtime to release The Lemon Twigs LIVE on Bandcamp, with all proceeds benefiting Coalition for the Homeless. Recorded during the Go to School tour, LIVE captures a rawer, wilder side of The Lemon Twigs, proving that they are far more than just studio-bound pop wizards. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

‘Moon’ by The Lemon Twigs from upcoming album ‘Songs For The General Public’, released August 21st.

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