BAYBS – ” Drifter “

Posted: May 30, 2020 in MUSIC
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Baybs is the musical project of San Francisco musician Craig Jacobs and on his debut EP with the curious title “Introvertigo” (due to release via Text Me Records on June 11th 2020) the singer- songwriter penned intimate, passionate alt folk songs as a way of dealing with, coping with an anxiety ridden past.

Jacobs recalls, “There were a periods of my life where I didn’t want to leave my house.. soon I couldn’t leave my room.. then I didn’t even feel safe in my own body. The times I felt like literally jumping out of my skin the only thing that helped was picking up a guitar and creating a melody.”

The third and final single is entitled “Drifter”. Jacobs handed the singing reins off to the architect of the song’s inspiration as he explains:

Drifter was inspired by a poem written by Melissa Russi, a really close friend and collaborator. Pulling together lines that really resonated with me and adding lyrics of my own, ‘Drifter’ tells the story of a free spirited soul conflicted by a constant yearning to move from place to place and the stagnation needed to achieve stability. I remember at the time we wrote it Melissa had her mind set on leaving to travel for an indefinite amount of time and really felt the need to just get away, so I ended up heavily personifying her as the anonymous character. At this point it only made sense for her to sing lead vocals on it.”

with it’s psyche folk electric strums, and hazy drones of sound is a perfect vehicle for Melissa Russi’s vocal aesthetic. Her storytelling sounds grand and refined and while there is a 60’s garden rock sway, there is, especially on the chorus, an elegant chamber pop ascension and Jacobs vocal harmonies embrace Russi’s vox in wonderful ways. When the electric lead jams during the musical break it feels sort of like psychedelic orchestral rock, the thing of 60’s films and Television when musicians in suits and long haired stoner musicians would jam together

release via Text Me Records on June 11th 2020

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