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Hayley Williams is an alternative American sweetheart, capturing the hearts of millions with her band Paramore. Her crossover appeal has made her a favourite among angsty teens and vaguely familiar amongst even the most culturally unaware. Williams’ striking voice and lyricism set them apart from their emo counterparts as they found the sweet spot between counterculture and pop stardom. Over the past decade, Williams has slowly forayed into a solo career with the occasional guest vocal spot, ultimately culminating with Petals for Armor, her solo debut. After her decade-long relationship and highly publicized divorce with New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert, the now 31-year old Williams took to her solo work as a way to open up about her struggles with mental health and romance. While Williams used Paramore’s later efforts as an opportunity to express herself without the constraints of sticking to their original pop punk roots, Petals for Armor feels like a true liberation done not out of frustration, but out of realization.

Hayley Williams signed to Atlantic Records as a teenage solo artist in 2003 before quickly pivoting to become the frontwoman of Paramore. Almost two decades later, Williams finally released a solo album with the label, the highly personal, funky, experimental pop record Petals For Amor. The album, made up of two previously released EPs plus five additional tracks, has a confessional tone, with Williams touching on depression and death on the gently swaying “Leave It Alone” but also self-love and rebuilding on the springy “Watch Me While I Bloom.” It may be a solo record, but her Paramore bandmates are close by, with Taylor York handling production, Zac Farro drumming on a couple of songs and touring bassist Joey Howard nabbing some song-writing credits — calming any fears that Williams’ stellar solo effort would mark the end of the band.

Music Written by Hayley Williams, Taylor York & Joey Howard

The Petals For Armor Tour is coming to North America, Europe & the UK this May-June.

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