PINEGROVE – ” Elsewhere 2 “

Posted: April 22, 2020 in CLASSIC ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Hello & welcome. this recording marks a record of the recent past when people could gather together by the hundreds. I also see it as a note from a future where people will gather & applaud again. the crisp percussive clatter of all those hands, people chatting to their friends or people they just met, going “woo,” singing along—it’s very surreal & nearly heartbreaking to hear now, the tapping dents & divots of rain against my bedroom window, skylit & glowing overcast tonight. it’s a sideways smile hearing so many people together but a smile nonetheless. & singing all in the first person! the first person plural? what should we call this? grammar has generously bent open for us to make room for something momentary we might call “the communal i.” —a line of people, their singing heads in the tungsten floating sweetly over their shoulders, shoulder to shoulder, singing stretched-out vowels in unison, affirming together our collective intent to try to be better to ourselves, to those we know, & to those we don’t know. thank you to anyone who came to these concerts! thank you to anyone listening now. we appreciate you all so much & look forward to playing music again for you soon. <& stay safe, much love. Evan Stephens Hall

all proceeds from this pay-what-you-want record will be donated to the MusicCares COVID-19 Relief Fund. this fund provides relief for musicians & for professionals across the music community, including concert crew members, many of whom are fully out of work due to this crisis. this charity is run through an American organization, so if you live elsewhere & you’d like to donate to something local, we invite you to download the record for free & make an independent donation! here are a few suggestions, & please help us with this list if you know of other worthy music industry support funds around the globe!


all songs written by Evan Stephens Hall, released April 21st, 2020

recorded between January 17th – February 23rd, 2020
performed by:
Evan Stephens Hall (vocals / guitar)
Josh Marre (guitar / vocals)
Sam Skinner (guitar / keyboard / percussion)
Nick Levine (guitar / pedal steel / vocals)
Megan Benavente (bass / vocals)
Zack Levine (drums / vocals)

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