AGAINST ME – Laura Jane Grace and Her Rickenbacker Guitar Collection

Posted: April 5, 2020 in MUSIC
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Against Me! rocker Laura Jane Grace has proven that Rickenbacker guitars are, in fact, deeply punk. Join us as we visit her at her practice space to meet some of the axes in her collection, and learn the wild stories behind them. Laura Jane Grace, who fronts the well-known punk band Against Me!, became a Rickenbacker-wielding legend for one reason, specifically: Rickenbackers look cool. “A Rickenbacker—they’re just the meanest looking guitars.”

In the video, she takes us through her love for the eye-catching instrument—from the moment she saw Tom Petty holding one on the cover of her first CD, to the moment she could finally afford one at 22-23 years old, and beyond.

Her collection is filled with fine specimens, like the very first Rickenbacker she owned—a 330, now banana-yellow—that she traded a bandmate for, a 360 you can hear on tons of Against Me! records, and a collection of oddballs like the 620 and Rickenbacker Colorado.

Be sure to check out the full video for a closer look into Laura Jane Grace’s Rickenbacker collection,

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