SOCCER MOMMY – ” Tiny Desk (Home) Concerts “

Posted: March 24, 2020 in MUSIC
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Tiny Desk Concerts are stripped down sets recorded at the desk of Bob Boilen, the host of NPR’s All Songs Considered. But as with everything else, adjustments have been made to account for COVID-19 and now NPR have launched a Tiny Desk (Home) Concert series, with artists performing from home under quarantine. The first participant is Soccer Mommy (the project of Nashville native Sophie Allison), who performs three songs solo on acoustic guitar: “Bloodstream,” “Circle the Drain,” and “Royal Screw Up.” .

Soccer Mommy released her new album, “color theory”, in February via Loma Vista. Color theory is the follow-up to Allison’s debut full-length album, Clean, released in 2018 via Fat Possum.  Gabe Wax produced the album (he also produced Clean), which was written on tour and recorded in Nashville at Alex The Great. Lars Stalfors mixed the album, which features the live Soccer Mommy band on studio recordings for the first time.

On Monday March 30th, Sophie Allison, aka Soccer Mommy, was to perform a long awaited Tiny Desk concert at my desk. Now the world has changed, and with the coronavirus keeping us at a distance, we’re taking a break from filming Tiny Desks at the office for a while. Sophie wanted to share her music and her thoughts with you. So we’re kicking off our Tiny Desk (Home) Concerts series with Soccer Mommy from her home in Nashville.

“Circle the Drain”
“Royal Screw Up”

The album titles and song titles are all intended to be written in lowercase. color theory also features two songs Soccer Mommy first shared in 2019. In November she shared a seven-minute long “yellow is the color of her eyes,” via a video for the track directed by Alex Ross Perry . “yellow is the color of her eyes” featured Mary Lattimore on harp and followed “lucy,” another new song . When the album was announced in January, Soccer Mommy shared the first single from it, “circle the drain,”

Then Soccer Mommy shared another song from the album, album opener “bloodstream,” via a Bella Clark-directed animated video.

A previous press release had this to say about color theory: “Confronting the ongoing mental health and familial trials that have plagued Allison since pre-pubescence, color theory explores three central themes: blue, representing sadness and depression; yellow, symbolizing physical and emotional illness; and, finally, grey, representing darkness, emptiness and loss.

Allison had this to say about the album in the previous press release: “I wanted the experience of listening to color theory to feel like finding a dusty old cassette tape that has become messed up over time, because that’s what this album is: an expression of all the things that have slowly degraded me personally. The production warps, the guitar solos occasionally glitch, the melodies can be poppy and deceptively cheerful. To me, it sounds like the music of my childhood distressed and, in some instances, decaying.”

In December Soccer Mommy shared another new song, “Feed,” that’s not found on color theory. It is instead taken from the soundtrack to the horror film The Turning, which is a more modern version of Henry James’1898 horror novella The Turn of the Screw. The soundtrack came out on January 24th, 2020 via KRO/Sony Music Masterworks, the same day as the film.

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