HONEYBLOOD – ” Gibberish “

Posted: March 24, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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It’s been almost an entire year since Stina Tweedale released “In Plain Sight, her third record as Honeyblood, which saw her working with super producer John Congleton. But lucky for us, especially in these trying times, she’s got a wee treat for us in the form of a music video for the album’s frustration-fuelled track “Gibberish” is the serrated latest single from longtime indie rock mainstays Honeyblood, one taken from In Plain Sight, their most-recent LP. You can order transparent-orange-vinyl, black-vinyl, CD and bundled versions of it from their webstore right now.

“I wrote this song to reflect the absurdity of the current political climate,” Tweedale tells us of the song’s inception. “Now more than ever we are told things daily that are simply not true or are used to manipulate us. How do we know what to believe? Who has our best interests at heart? It’s becoming ever more difficult to navigate these questions.”

The video was shot in a back alley which could only belong to Glasgow, the city Tweedale calls home. Director Gareth Goodlad of Dangerkill Productions tells us: “To me the video is about being taken over by your own self perception.” And this really does come through with the effects and trippy visuals used – Tweedale’s face coming to life as the artwork from In Plain Sight is both super cool and super freaky in equal measures. Tweeddale concludes: “I am exceptionally proud of this video and the stunning job Gareth from Dangerkill Productions has done! We work so well as a creative team and I love seeing his mad ideas spring to life!”

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