LONGPIGS – ” The Sun Is Often Out  ” Vinyl Reissue

Posted: March 23, 2020 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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Longpigs / The Sun is Often Out signed blue vinyl LP

British 90s band The Longpigs‘ first album “The Sun Is Often Out” is being reissued on vinyl. The band were fronted by Crispin Hunt and featured guitarist Richard Hawley and this 1996 debut delivered four top 40 hit singles. Five singles were released from the album, initially to little success. including “On and On” which peaked at number 16 in the UK chart. The Longpigs debut album The Sun Is Often Out is an ambitious, darkly romantic album that owes quite a bit to the modernized anthem-rock of Radiohead. Although the band doesn’t quite have Radiohead’s talent for making the bombastic seem utterly personal, there are several moments of brilliance on the album — particularly the singles “Far,” “She Said” and “On and On” — suggesting that their appealingly neo-gothic sonic textures will develop into something distinctive on their second album.

This album was issued on U2’s Mother label and with CD the popular format of the day, only ever got a small run on vinyl, meaning it’s incredible hard to get hold of at sensible prices.

This signed coloured vinyl edition appears to now be sold, but the next best thing is the unsigned blue vinyl. It will be released on 8th May 2020. The Sun Is Often Out was declared one of 1996’s 50 best albums by both Q and Melody Maker.


  • Crispin Hunt – vocals, guitar
  • Richard Hawley – guitar, vocals
  • Simon Stafford – bass, piano, hammond, vocals
  • Dee Boyle – drums, vocals

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