MARGARET GLASPY – ” Devotion “

Posted: February 27, 2020 in MUSIC
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Back in 2016, Margaret Glaspy immediately won us over with her debut album “Emotions And Math”, one of the best albums of that year. Two years later, she followed it with an EP, and just last month we found out we’ll finally get its full-length successor “Devotion” in March.

So far we’ve heard the album’s lead single, “Killing What Keeps Us Alive.” And now, Glaspy is back with another one.

The latest preview of Devotion is called “Stay With Me.” Devotion has already been presented as an album of love songs, and like many of Glaspy’s compositions, “Stay With Me” mulls over the dynamics of a relationship. “I’m learning that life is painful but you take the bad with the good,” Glaspy said of the song in a press release. “That love is hard but if you love someone, you make yourself available; that life is short and it’s okay to be sincere.”

When “Killing What Keeps Us Alive” provided the initial introduction to the new album, some fans might’ve been taken aback by Glaspy’s trademark guitar-driven sound being replaced with a patient, synth-based arrangement swelling up around her. “Stay With Me” might sit at a sort of middle ground, a more organic-sounding track that taps into a sort of classic singer-songwriter vein.

Margaret Glaspy is headed in a synthy new direction with her upcoming album Devotion, but she hasn’t abandoned country-tinged guitar or her singer-songwriter style entirely, which shows on new single “Stay With Me.”

“Stay With Me” is the second single on Margaret Glaspy’s new album ‘Devotion’ out March 27th.

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