REESE McHENRY – ” No Dados “

Posted: December 12, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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In another era, when the wallop of a supreme rock band and the wail of a powerful singer were as good as gold records, Reese McHenry might have been a superstar—a howling poet of the defiantly broken-hearted. But the 13 tracks of her gripping “No Dados”, a breakup album about fighting the urge to break down, are an unapologetic testament to the form’s real eternal power: to wrestle with our most primordial feelings, like lust or loss. One of rock’s most commanding current singers, she wrangles—or, rather, roars—these urges into a riot act of one.

Reese McHenry (Dirty Little Heaters) sings, plays guitar and writes catchy, heavy rock and roll songs. Releasing album No Dados on April 12th through Suah Sounds, McHenry has been touring with members of Drag Sounds.

Band Members
Reese McHenry, Thomas McNeely, Mike Wallace, Mark Conner, Kaitlin Grady

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