CARACARA – ” Better “

Posted: December 12, 2019 in MUSIC
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Caracara has always had ambitions past Philadelphia. They could have stemmed from the proj- ect’s genesis: the implosion of former bands, the impact of long-distance communication and travel in relationships, the inevitability of experimentation and expansion. Styles and symbols seem to shift throughout their debut LP Summer Megalith, alternating from shimmering indie to whispers of neo-folk before relishing in the cathartic push of post-rock. This fluidity introduces a band with no point of origin, built from the mysterious clamor of noise as much as they are inspired by it.

Caracara’s EP serves as a showcase for its title track. “Better” is the sort of six-minute song that more than justifies its runtime, a bleary build-up and a scorching breakdown that enlists fellow Philadelphian Mannequin Pussy’s Marisa Dabice on vocals. “I think that there’s always been an intersection between post-rock and hardcore, but what I’m not seeing as much as I want to see is that type of music but with a greater attention paid to sung vocals and lyrics,” the band’s Will Lindsay said in an interview earlier this year, and Better finds Caracara toeing that line, both ends leading to a massive oblivion.

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