SASAMI – ” Sasami “

Posted: December 7, 2019 in ALBUMS, MUSIC
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No wonder Sasami Ashworth sometimes delivers her stage banter in an alien voice: To listen to the dour, greyscale rock songs of Sasami is to learn what it’s like to live and love as a human on earth. On “Morning Comes,” she alternates quiet, driving verses with sweeping, blood-boiling choruses and implores her former lover to move the fuck on. On “Pacify My Heart,” she treads a sluggish pattern of melancholic guitar plucks toward accepting that she and an ex will never quite be on the same page (plus, “Sometimes I wish I never met you” is the best opening-line burn since last year’s winner in the category, Forth Wanderers’ “Nevermine”). Both tracks end in extended, harrowing guitar outros that wordlessly depict Ashworth’s respective growth and ire and mark two of the album’s most cathartic stretches. Sasami, it turns out, is human after all.

Sasami Ashworth isn’t the first indie rock musician to suffer heartbreak, but her debut album SASAMI is among the sourest, most dissonant breakup records in recent memory. An LP about “everyone I fucked and who fucked me last year,” SASAMI chronicles how touring poses challenges to relationships (“Not the Time”), how unequal desires topple romances (“Pacify My Heart”), and how friendships, too, can fail (“Callous”). Ashworth’s caustic but not overwhelming guitar acrobatics—which she in part credits to her brother JooJoo Ashworth, of fuzz-drenched shoegaze institution Froth—pair with calmly delivered lyrics to propel her bitter dirges beyond the standard indie-rock sound of romantic fallout. The tales she recounts give her plenty to be mad about, but even as her guitar scythes through its surroundings, her music rarely rises to a full-on roar. In restraint, Ashworth finds the power to heal.

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